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My biggest buzz is empowering my clients to build themselves up and put themselves out there without fear, faking, worry or comparison. It lies at the very heart of why I do what I do.
Because once you believe in yourself, you fulfil your potential and do things you never dreamed possible. 

Confidence Story

"I feel much happier in myself in all areas of life"



I really enjoyed working with Nicole. She has a warm, genuine and accepting energy. She gave me space to accept myself as I am when it was such a challenge for me to do so. Together we discovered who I was as a new coach, and she encouraged me to keep coaching, even through some initial difficult clients. She was supportive every step of the way, even after our coaching sessions, until now. It was just the push I needed to step out of my own head and get started. Thank you Nicole for your incredible service.

- Miriam K.

Confidence Story

"I have gone from being the person at the back of the room to the person in full view"



Without a doubt Nicole knows her stuff and she delivers this in bundles of infectious energy.  She will help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and assure you that this light it is not an oncoming train.  You will not regret any of the courses you take or coaching sessions you have.  She will help you to become a stronger, better person of you - or rather show you that this stronger, better person is already there, she's just needs to come out of hiding.

- Sarah M.

Confidence Story

"It's a wonderful feeling looking back at how much my confidence has grown"



I went onto this course quite dubious as to if and how it would help me. I'm so glad I did sign up for it. Nicole is really lovely, informative and supportive. The course has enabled me to be aware of when imposter syndrome is happening and has provided me with some shiny big tools to deal with it. I know its not a quick fix but Nicole's programme was a wonderful start on my road to beating it. Thank you Nicole for helping me and other women struggling with confidence. I whole-heartedly recommend this course to those that struggle too.

- Sara A.

What can I say about Nicole and her group programme - it was amazing.  I loved every week and Nicole is the most amazing teacher with a great personality to boot.

You've heard the term 'imposter syndrome' so many times but if you are like me, you probably don't really know what it means and how it makes you feel, other than rubbish.


Nicole broke it down for us in small chunks and it made so much sense.  She is a very empathetic person and really cares which shows.


I am feeling that I now have an understanding of what goes on in your body and mind when the imposter strikes and the tricks and tools you can use to keep it  at bay.


I would highly recommend this course and working with Nicole is a dream, she's a natural.

- Michelle G.

Corporate Clients


"We all thoroughly enjoyed the session - we are still talking about it now! It was so thought-provoking and I really do think it will help us as a team moving forward.”


"The session was fantastic and honestly so well received, thank you so much."


"The session helped me actually understand others and their relationships with confidence too - which was so refreshing! Thank you.”

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