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Mindset, Communication & Strategic Mastery

My coaching powers you up with everything you need to ditch the mindset monkeys, supercharge your visibility and impact and create a strategy that fits you like a glove.

There are several ways we can work together, from intensive private coaching and group work to short workshops.

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1:1 Coaching

'Believe Achieve Receive!'

Hybrid Coaching and Mastermind

Masterclasses & Workshops

Online Courses

Corporate Coaching & Training

1:1 Coaching

When it comes to confidence, being gently guided to find your own solutions is liberating, eye-opening and empowering.


I work with a handful of clients one-to-one, usually for six months to twelve months.


Together, we take my ‘inside out’ approach to totally transform your confidence. We redefine how you think, feel and behave to build a positive and healthy relationship with yourself - one that lasts a lifetime and underpins your business success.

We power you up with everything you need to put you and your biz out there, create the impact you deserve and the results you want.

Using my unique ‘Seven Steps to Confident’™ framework, you'll discover the courage, self-belief and capability to positively surprise yourself again and again.

How would it feel to truly fulfil your potential and be the person and founder you want to be? 

From £555 per month.

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"The most profitable investment
you'll ever make is when you
invest in yourself."


The sessions themselves felt as comfortable as having a cup of tea and a chat with a friend in your living room

'Believe Achieve Receive!'
Hybrid Coaching

My signature program is more than just coaching - it's a journey and a community rolled into one.

With a blend of small group work, individual time with me and a weekly mastermind, it hits places other programs can't reach. 


You'll build poweful new ways of thinking, feeling, doing and communicating that take you to places you never thought you could go.

With three tiers of support, (foundation, advanced and VIP) you can be sure to find the solution that's a perfect fit for you.


You'll benefit from my unique and potent blend of proven techniques including neuro-coaching, behavioural science, kinesics and NLP.

From £299 per month

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Nicole was supportive every step of the way, even after our coaching sessions

Masterclasses & Workshops

My series of online masterclasses and workshops zone in on specific confidence themes, such as impostor syndrome, the fear of judgement or owning your introversion.


In 90 minutes, you'll delve deep. You'll improve your understanding, self-awareness and walk away with a host of tried and tested techniques so you can put yourself out there and create the impact you deserve.

All masterclasses are downloadable, come with supporting materials and lifetime access.


Click below to see what’s on offer!

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Without a doubt Nicole knows her stuff and she delivers this in bundles of infectious energy

Online Courses

Video is everywhere, but do you really know how to make the most of it? I know that showing yourself on screen or going live can make even seasoned speakers tremble!

These online trainings are designed to give you the tools you need to confidently put yourself out there, whilst working at your own pace.


'Lights, Camera, Confidence!' – uses my unique 'CRACK IT!'© method. This course will teach you everything you need to know to create the impact you want on video – without the nerves or lack of knowledge holding you back.


‘LIVES, Camera, Confidence!’ is a mini course to help you deal with the nerves of going live on social media, so you can get seen, heard and remembered for the right reasons.


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Nicole is really lovely, informative and supportive

Corporate Coaching & Training

The importance of confidence in business is grossly underestimated. Confidence can literally propel careers forward, win new business and create new connections.


It's a also huge part of employee efficiency, effectiveness and wellbeing.


But confidence tends to be viewed as a personal responsibility - it's rarely seen as collective thing.

I run organisational workshops and audits to help you and your team understand the impact of collective confidence and how to improve it in your organisation.


I can also create bespoke sessions tailored to your company’s needs or specific confidence themes.

And if you’d like personal coaching so your employees can develop and grow? No problem. (I coach both women and men on a corporate level.)


Drop me a line and let’s chat about what you need.

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I really do think it will help us as a team moving forward


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