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About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole Greenfield-Smith, founder of The Confidence Craft.


My jam is empowering women with the mindset, communication and strategic power to go stratospheric in business.

I'm passionate about this stuff because I know that creating a business you love is the fastest way to financial freedom and fulfilment. But as women, we're conditioned to hold back, sell ourselves short, put others first and worry what other people think.


I've experienced crippling self doubt and impostor syndrome - and I've watched too many amazing, ambitious and talented women stay safe and small because of their confidence.

No more.

Nicole founder of The Confidence Craft

I'm a human behaviour, body language and communication specialist. (I’ve a Masters degree in this stuff.)

I’m also a certified and accredited neuro-coach, life-coach, NLP and IEMT practitioner.

And I'm a highly experienced public speaker, panellist, trainer and host who has spoken at countless events all over the world.​


(It might surprise you to know that I used to have full-blown anxiety about public speaking!). 


My unique ‘Seven Steps to Confidence'© method is the culmination of decades of study, experience and research that empowers you to change the way you think, feel and show up in your business forever.


Do you know your confidence type? Take the quiz to find out!

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