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Client Success Stories

"I have nothing but praise for Nicole’s coaching style and the sessions I had with her helped me immeasurably. 


I was struggling with my confidence on a number of levels – at work, self-image, in my hobbies and knew I was the main thing holding myself back, I just didn’t know how to get out of that rut. Talking about myself on a call was hard at first but I found Nicole so friendly and easy to talk to, always felt listened to, and never felt judged. Her desire to truly help me feel confident in myself shone through!


After 1-2-1 sessions for a few months I can honestly say I have changed a lot. I am never going to be the most confident person in the world, and equally don’t want to be, but I feel much happier in myself in all areas of life. Together she helped me make both small changes (e.g. in the way I was thinking or addressing things), and bigger ones (e.g. those requiring bigger shifts in mindset, and solid coping strategies or plans of action) and she was there to advise me throughout. The sessions themselves felt as comfortable as having a cup of tea and a chat with a friend in your living room.


The support provided throughout this journey was superb - Nicole was there along the way, and still is, with so much warmth and enthusiasm that has had such a positive influence on my life. She is there as much or as little as you need her between sessions. Now if I am having a bad day I think to myself ‘what would Nicole say’ and think back to the wealth of advice and tips she has provided throughout the journey. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone struggling with their confidence."



"I feel much happier in myself in all areas of life"


"When I started working with Nicole my confidence was at an all time low. I felt like I was failing at everything I did and I was about to give up on my business as this felt like the biggest contributor to how low I was feeling.


Working with Nicole was just amazing. She has the ability to make you feel instantly at ease and even when I burst into tears unexpectedly on occasions she was patient & understanding. She also made me really think about just what was causing my negative feelings & easy ways to manage them.


At the beginning of my sessions I was about to give up on my business, which I had always envisioned being a part of my future & a way of getting more time freedom to spend with my family. I am partner with an MLM company & being a little bit introverted I was not comfortable with some of the ways they suggest you grow your business. 


Through my discussions with Nicole we worked out a way that I can comfortably promote myself & worked on ways I could get myself noticed. A lot of my personal marketing is done on social media and together we discovered that I like the idea of networking, but had no clue how to go about this. As my sessions with Nicole progressed I have gone from being the person at the back of the room to the person in full view when it comes to my networking. So much so that I am now the leader of my own ladies’ networking group. I no longer stress myself out about the fact that I'm not building my business in the way most others do, because that's ok, it's my race & I will run it at my own speed.


If I had not met Nicole when I did then I can hand on heart say that I would no longer have my business. I would not have met the amazing people I have through my networking & I would probably be wallowing in a pit of self loathing for not at least trying another way.


I can not recommend her services enough & I hope this will help people who feel like I did to seek her expertise."

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"I have gone from being the person at the back of the room to the person in full view"


"Before working with Nicole, I had left my job to become a freelancer and was running my business alone for about 10 months. There were numerous challenges that I was facing that ultimately led to me feeling like I was losing confidence rather than gaining it. I’ve never been the most confident person in general, but I knew I needed to reach out if I wanted this to change.


I felt an immediate sense of safety, warmth and support from the moment I first spoke to Nicole. Aside from the genuine want to help me, I could tell that she had the know-how to do so. It was such an easy decision to make that I signed up for 1-2-1 sessions pretty pronto.


In our sessions, Nicole identified the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back and the fact I’ve been carrying them around for years so no wonder I was struggling! She spent time working through any issues I was facing, even touching on those deep rooted ones, but in such a compassionate & supportive way it was like having a long-time friend right there.


It is because of Nicole and her amazing coaching that I’ve started to put myself out there more with speaking up in group settings, online business networking, and just being more visible in general, which for an introvert is challenging in itself.


I am so grateful to have met Nicole, I can’t sing her praises enough for all her help and support throughout working together. Even in-between sessions, she was always there to talk to and guide me. It’s a wonderful feeling looking back at how much my confidence has grown and that growth is thanks to Nicole."



"It's a wonderful feeling looking back at how much my confidence has grown"


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