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Want to learn five ways to build confidence quickly?

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- Feeling stuck or desperate for change?

- Full of fear or self-doubt?

- Need clarity, confidence & self-belief?

We'll dig deep to identify exactly what's holding you back. We'll explore your values, beliefs, capabilities & desires to create a vision & goals that feel 'just right'. Using my  'STEPS TO ONFIDENCE'© framework, we'll increase your inner strength and overall happiness. Empowered with confidence, courage and resilience, you'll amaze yourself with everything you are capable of!

These individual programmes are tailored to you and last 6 weeks to 6 months.

From £600 - £2200




- Desperate to get rid of 'the fear'?

- Want to speak confidently in groups? 

- Need to nail a high-stakes presentation?    

We'll start from the inside out, building a strong state of mind before loading you with the skills to persuade, engage and create lasting impact & confidence.  We'll use my 'BE BRAVER!'© method to develop your technique, drive your rapport & empower you to handle the unexpected in the situations that matter. You'll turbo-charge your career, grasp new opportunities and develop skills that last a lifetime.

I coach you individually or in small, supportive groups over 3 or more weeks.  

From £500.





- Struggling to 'go live'?

- Super-keen to shine online?

- Want to shake the nerves & find your style? 

We always start with mindset to help you understand why filming feels weird and what you can do about it.  You'll learn my unique 'CRACK IT!'© method to build powerful and compelling content that makes your audience sit up and take notice - and you'll learn how to deliver it with confidence, clarity and charisma. Empowered with the filming techniques of the pros, you'll have the know-how to look as good as you feel.

This is an ONLINE COURSE or an short GROUP COACHING programme, or I can work 1-2-1 on request.

From £120 - £225




If everyone thinks you're confident, when you're full of self-doubt..

If you worry what people think and compare yourself to others..

If you're convinced you're going to get busted for being a fraud..


You're not alone. But it doesn't have to be this way!

My jam is empowering you to put yourself out there without faking, fearing or worrying what what others think.


If you're a career-motivated women who wants to build the confidence to take your life to the next level, what are you waiting for?




You don't get a more powerful mix than confidence and competence. 

If you have those, the world is your oyster.

But how do you put yourself out there when it fills you with dread?  How can you push past the negative inner voice that has nagged you for years? How the hell do you communicate with confidence when you feel like jelly inside?  Believe me, I've been there and asked those questions.

I empower you to dig deep and reset your self-belief. We ensure you have the clarity, confidence and competence to show up for yourself, and do the things that make a difference. The very same things that make you feel great and get you to where to want to go. I never ask you to, 'fake it 'til you make it'. True confidence always start from within.

Combining behavioural psychology, NLP, kinesics (body language analysis) & coaching, I enable you to surprise yourself in unexpected and amazing ways!  Click here to explore ways of working together

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The Confidence Craft


I'm Nicole Greenfield-Smith,  

founder of The Confidence Craft.

Perhaps you lack the confidence to put yourself out there?  Maybe you doubt your own abilities and worry what others think? Would you rather die than stand up and present? Does networking fill you with dread? Do you worry you'll be 'found out'?  


That's exactly how I felt for more years than I care to remember!

I now live and breathe all things confidence. I've studied it, I coach it and I am proud to say, I am it!

I've even got a Masters in this stuff. I'm a human communication and behaviour specialist and I've spent more than two decades working in advertising research, specialising in human behaviour.  I'm also a qualified and accredited NLP practitioner and coach.


I regularly speak at events all over the world as a presenter, panellist, host & coach.  (Bearing in mind I was once to so terrified of public speaking, I changed jobs & considered changing career!).  

All of this means I really know my shizzle when it comes to empowering you to be the confident, capable and fearless version of you that you deserve to be.



"Through your epic coaching programme, I'm now able to go for it and achieve such a massive lifelong dream. I cannot thank you enough.

 I'm actually sad it's over!"


Jenny G.

"Wow, where do I start with how amazing Nicole is and The Confidence Craft. Her energy, passion, and personality shine through and you are at ease with Nicole from the first moment you interact with her."

Rachel W.B. 

"I didn't think it was possible to feel different until Nicole's coaching. I genuinely thought I was beyond help! But I was willing to try anything and Nicole came highly recommended by my best friend. The rest is history! I can't recommend her enough!"

Sarah S.

Join my FREE Facebook community for women just like you who want to put themselves out there!  


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