Join the 7 Day Confidence Challenge!


Confidence is the engine that moves us forward, turns our thoughts into action and our dreams into reality. It's selfbelief, a feeling of comfort and an appreciation of our own self-worth.

Who wouldn't want more of that, right?

Over the next 7 days, we'll lay the foundations for confidence and raise your awareness of how you build it, craft it and ultimately own it.

Three Positive Presumptions

We'll explore these presumptions within the group, but the
foundations of confidence are knowing that:


  1. We have all of the resources we need inside of us

  2. Choice always exists, even when it doesn't appear to

  3. You are always, and in all ways, so much more than you think you are.

Getting Started..

challenge header.png

Print off and/or save the task sheets. They will help you

record your progress each day and reflect on what each
task meant for you.


Print or download the positive presumptions.

Be prepared to check the Facebook group daily for latest tasks, hint and comments.